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How to Manage Your Finances Like a Pro!
You guys remember when checkbooks used to come with the black carbon paper that copies what you wrote? The idea was that you’d record your transactions when you paid with a check. Checks are a thing of the past and most people...
3 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy on a Budget
If you’re trying to stay healthy on a budget, these few tips will help both you and your wallet stay fit.
Why Garage Sales are Better than Department Stores
Are you getting the best deals on the things you buy? One of the most important attributes of living a frugal life is finding great deals. Sure, there’s couponing, BOGOs, clearance sales, holiday sales, Black Friday, and...
How to STOP Living Paycheck To Paycheck 
What exactly is living paycheck to paycheck? It means that the income you make is just good enough to pay all of your bills, leaving you with almost nothing to save, or use for much else. And then the cycle starts all over again...
Understanding Credit Cards And How NOT To Use Them
Did you learn how to use a credit card in school? Most likely not. Well, neither did I. If I had, then maybe I wouldn’t have used my first credit card like a free shopping spree at Macy’s. No one taught me about compounding...